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March 18, 2012

Our Secrets

do not disturb

Written By: Jamie Carte

To be rewarded openly by God Himself!  Could it get any better than that?  Well, we can find in The Word of God a promise that will bring forth God’s Rewarding System out to the open.  

In Matthew Chapter 6 we find that there are three things that God tells us to do and when we do them we get the EXACT SAME OUTCOME!

The Bible says “when you give” (verse 2), “when you pray” (verse 5) and “when you fast” (verse 16) your Father who sees you doing these things in secret will reward you openly  There is a reward to those who will GIVE, PRAY and FAST.  

I like to call them the dynamic trio.  When Dewayne and I are faced with a need, or needing an answer or direction from God or are in need of a healing or miracle we will do what Matthew 6 tells us to.  We will pray, fast and sow in the direction we are given by God.

 Then sure enough God will manifest Himself out in the open where we can hear, see or receive His guidance or help in that particular situation that we need Him in. See, I believe that The Church has lost something through time. 

God does not SUGGEST that we PRAY, FAST and SOW, He is TELLING US TO IN HIS WORD!  These are three things that Believers are supposed to be doing, it should be common for us, not rare.

Could it be that in all of the circumstances that we are facing and needing a Word from God on or a Move of God in that WE are lacking in the fundamentals of getting it done? 

Need a miracle?  Pray, Fast and Sow.  Need a direction from God?  Pray, Fast and Sow.  Need Help?  Pray, Fast and Sow.  For when you do these in the secret, God says He, Himself will reward you in the open.

And when your miracle manifests in the open where everyone can see, you will be able to say, it was what I did in the secret that matters!

                                           “. . . and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” - Matthew 6:6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Jamie Carte is Vice President and Senior Minister of Jamie Carte Ministries in Hico, West Virginia, USA. An evangelist, Bible teacher, writer and speaker, Jamie reaches the lost and teaches the Bride of Christ how to prepare for Her Wedding Day, which is The Rapture of The Church. Visit Jamie Carte at






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