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March 24, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Happy People

— Lisa Crump

It is absolutely beautiful outside. The flowers are blooming, the kids are on breaks, and we are busy packing away winter clothes for at least the next six months.

Something about the weather being brighter and less gloomy makes everyone just a little happier on the inside. With spring also comes the dreaded, yet anticipated, spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning can be for a lot of things including your spirit, people around you, and your house in general. The odd thing about spring cleaning is that people will claim to do so, but “accidentally” forget to toss out a few things.

With this being said, we must strive, this spring, to thoroughly clean our lives, spirit, and everything in between so that we are able to soar through the rest of the year flawlessly.

Philippians 4:8 says, “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.” Each time I recite this scripture to myself I get chills. Whatever discouraging thought or ill temperament that is taking over my mind immediately ceases after I speak those words.

I encourage you to cleanse your spirit; do not allow ill thoughts toward people or situations to consume your mind to the point where they still your joy. Continue to delve into the word of God and church activities so that you may grow stronger in your faith with no interruptions.

Stay involved in anything positive and allow your children to do the same. The best way to ban worry, ill feelings, or doubt is to stay focused on God and all of the greatness that surrounds him.

If there is anything or anyone that is stealing your joy, imposing on your happiness, or just making your life harder in general then it is definitely time to do some spring cleaning and take out the trash.

Experience has taught me that if a person is more of a burden than a benefit and hinders more than they help, chances are you need to sever ties.

Some people come into our lives only for a season to teach us a lesson, when the lesson is learned there is no need to bring them into the next season because their work is done. There are times when God tries so hard to remove someone from our life, and we just hold on so tight that we miss out on his blessings.

It’s spring cleaning time, toss no good people in the “trash” and be sure to put the lid on tight.

Cleanliness in next to Godliness. Clean up your house and throw out unwanted items that are not needed. Grab the kids and redecorate your home from top to bottom, giving it a new and comfortable feel.

There is nothing like adding accents or a splash of new color to enhance your living quarters and make you and the little ones feel brand new.

Involve your children in shopping and helping to add new bedroom decor to their own rooms to help make surroundings a little more fun. By spring cleaning in more ways than one, we allow God to come in and use us in more ways than one.


One Comment

  1. Corene A. Patterson

    Lisa, I love the concept of Spring Cleaning. Remember, after you put the lid on the trash, you are suppose to take it to the Dumpster-never to be seen again. If you leave it inside your house, the foul odor will eventually seep through, making a worst mess than before. I applaud your insight into life situations. Please continue to share your gift.
    Be Blessed!
    Corene A. Patterson

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